Earn real bitcoins
It's not a joke
You really can trade memes here.

To give you this opportunity we managed to calculate a composite meme-index. Bet you've heard about S&P500 or Dow Jones? The idea is the same — except the index is composed of Memes rather than Apple and Google share prices.

From now on, any user will be able to earn real Bitcoins on people's interest in memes — by forecasting meme trends and betting on it on our exchange.

rly wide screen dude!
You need to understand (more or less) how futures work

Register on our exchange

Deposit some BTC

Read about our meme index

Place your bet on where its price will move: up or down


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But how does
this really
On our exchange you do not trade particular memes, but a composite index that tracks the activity of leading meme communities in real time. You can go long or short on this index, depending on where you think its price is going — easy-peasy.
MEMES-BTC is much more than just a joke.
It is a real, perfectly functional trading tool that lets you deposit Bitcoins, make deals, use leverage, short, withdraw profit — everything you can do with any other futures contract.
The only difference is that memes act as the underlying asset here.
Onederx offers you to earn real Bitcoins, not virtual coins or some other digital trash. We are dead serious here — try it and you'll see.
Trading the meme index is possible with help of an instrument well known to any trader — non-deliverable futures. To be even more precise, it is a Perpetual Contract — we've called this thing MEMES-BTC.
rly wide screen dude!
We crawl the memes thread on Reddit every 20 seconds

We take top-25 memes in 24 hours

We sum up the number of votes


PROFIT — the index is ready

How we calculate
Onderx meme-index:
Still not sure what it's all about? Here's a really long and detailed explanation — it will surely help you understand what the heck is going on here.










ok, let's go
we are
A man has no name, but we have. We're Wunderfund.io, an international high-frequency trading firm. For the last 5 years we have been providing liquidity on major classic exchanges all over the globe.

5 years
of experience
daily trading
General contract specs
• Contract: MEMES-BTC

• Type: perpetual

• Initial margin: 33%

• Maintenance margin: 0.5 * Initial margin

• Tick: 1

• Tick price: 1e-6 BTC = 1 muBTC

• Typical index value ~ 500

• Typical value of 1 contract = 500 * 1e-6 = 5e-4 BTC = ~ $2
Is this a joke?
Nope, we aren't joking. You can really trade perpetual contracts for the meme index here.
I don't have any Bitcoins, what should I do?
You can buy them at http://localbitcoins.com or any other exchange (see https://www.bestchange.com/ — you'll need a VPN, though).
What memes can I trade? May I see the list?
We don't have trading in specific memes. We have the meme index, that's it.

The meme index is a composite index that shows the total activity of meme-related subreddits.

To monetize the index, we use MEMES-BTC futures contracts.

So what are these futures, anyway? Sounds kinda complicated...
Imagine that this fall you'll have some grain to sell and I'll have the money to buy it. You expect that grain prices will fall by then, while I expect them to rise.

We conclude a contract, fixing the price and amount of grain that you will have to sell me in fall – and I will be obliged to buy it at that price. We have different expectations about what's going to happen in fall, so each of us thinks that it's a good deal.
This contract of ours is essentially a futures.

If in fall one of us simply pays to the other the resulting difference in price, then it is a non-deliverable futures.
But what about that perpetual contract stuff? Really complicated, man.
A perpetual contract is basically a futures contract that doesn't have an expiration date.

For the most traders, it works better than standard futures contracts – that's why it's one of the most popular types of contracts on the crypto market right now.
What are short positions?
Betting on a lower price in the future is called a short position, or simply shorting in the trading lingo. Betting that a price will rise is called a long position.

So if you think that the index will go down, you open a short position; if the price does fall, you will earn a profit.

Short positions is a standard way to earn on a falling market. To short something means to open a short position for that asset.
What is leverage?
Leveraged trading (or margin trading) is a tool that allows you to open and close deals that are larger than your own capital. Basically you use borrowed funds.

You can earn more this way – but you can also lose more.

You can read more about it in our article.
Why are you doing this?
Because we can.

Besides, we want to do something more than just add new assets to the exchange – we want to add some fun!
And who are "we"?
"We" means wunderfund.io – an international high-frequency trading fund. For the past 5 years, we've been providing liquidity to the leading trading exchanges around the world.

And now we've made our own crypto futures exchange, Onederx.

You can read more about the mission of Onederx here.
Where do you get the liquidity?
We work with several global memo market makers, and they provide Onederx with liquidity.
Dude, my brain's gonna explode. I didn't get any of this stuff – help!
Here you'll find a detailed explanation of our meme index and MEMES-BTC contracts.

And we have also provided simple instructions for registering on the exchange and trading perpetual contracts here.
Earning real Bitcoins on the memes popularity fluctuations is an exciting opportunity that should not be ignored!
ok, let's go
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